Privacy Policy

We respect your preferences concerning the treatment of Information that we may collect. This Privacy Policy explains what kind of information we collect, use, share and the security of your information in relation to our mobile applications.

What information we collect

a) Personal information
We collect your persistent identifier (Google ID). Besides that we do not collect any Personal Information about user, such as your name, email address, physical address, calendar entries, contact entries, files, photos, etc.

b) Non-personal or Anonymous information
We collect non-personal anonymous information about the use of our Apps and aggregated information regarding the usages of the Apps, such as the type of mobile device, your mobile devices unique device ID, the IP address of the mobile device, mobile operating system, and information about the way users use the Applications. We collect information about wifi access points users add to the Application such as access points' names (SSID), passwords, MAC addresses and encryption methods.

How we use information we collect

a) Personal information
We use Personal Information to provide certains services to users as recognizing them the next time they use the Application. We combine users' Google Ids with wifi access points data they add.

b) Non-personal or Anonymous information
Generally non-personal information is used internally to monitor and improve the Services, to perform analyses of the behavior of our users, to measure user demographics and interests, to describe our services to third parties such as advertisers and to analyze how and where best to use our resources. We combine Non-Personal Information such as access points' names (SSID), passwords, MAC addresses, encryption methods with Personal Information - user persistent identifier Google Id.

What information we share

a) Personal information
We do not share Personal Information in any way.

b) Non-personal or Anonymous information
We accept advertisements from Third Parties ad networks which may be displayed in our Apps. We may share certain information with third-party advertisers, ad networks and ad platforms ("Advertising Entities") to develop and deliver targeted advertising in the Apps. We may also allow Advertising Entities to collect non-personal information within the Services which they may share with us, including your device identifier, device type, device brand, device model, network type, device language, and IP address. Advertising entities may also collect non-personal information related to the performance of the advertisements, such as how many times an advertisement is shown, how long an advertisement is viewed, and any click-throughs of an advertisement.

Links to third-party websites and services

The Apps may contain links to other websites and online services, including third-party advertisements. If you choose to click through to one of these other websites or online services, please note that any information you may provide will be subject to the privacy policy and other terms and conditions of that websites or service, and not to this Privacy Policy. We do not control third-party websites or services, and the fact that a link to such a website or service appears in the Apps does not mean that we endorse them or have approved their policies or practices relating to user information. Before providing any information to any third-party website or service, we encourage you to review the privacy policy and other terms and conditions of that website or service. You agree that Unbrained Soft will not have liability for any matters relating to a third-party website or service that you provide information to, including their collection and handling of that information.


If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Apps, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at marek@zaton.pl

Last Update September 2017